Una email dal nostro referente per il Nepal

Il quadro della situazione in Nepal, descritto dal nostro referente Basanta:

Dear Elena,

I am still in Delhi. I did not get your Sms. Maybe you sent in Nepal no.

 I was planning to go back to Nepal soon so I have sent my son back to Kathmandu just 10 days ago. But unfortunately, there was  terrible earthquake in Nepal in last Saturday and it was still coming today morning. Even there was some vibration of it in Delhi. Metro Trains were stopped for 45 minutes here. But nothing harm happened in Delhi but in Nepal, the situation is terrible. Still the condition of Nepal and Nepalese is worst indeed. Thousands of people lost their life, still thousand of people are missing after the terrible earthquake. around 7 millions people were directly affected by it, thousands of people and children are injured. People are hopeless, worried and scared. It’s really a horrible time. No electricity,  phone lines dead, no Internet.  people  still staying in the safe grounds spending days and nights under tents or in open sky. No food no shelter. It’s terrible. We can’t just imagine the situation.

 Fortunately, we and our children are fine. My family, my son are safe. The relatives are safe too. they are still living out side of home with the fear. My home is ok. Some glasses of windows were broken. We are safe. But still the fear in mind that what will happen the next. The children of Godawari are safe as well. They were lucky because the children house was built just 10 years ago. Due to this continuous earthquake children are very much afraid, scared. Why not they? they have feel the live earthquake and have seen the deadly situation around. Most of the neighbor houses of Godawari were destroyed and people living there were trapped inside. The compound wall of NABG house was also fallen at the same time. It needs to rebuild as soon as possible because some theft groups (crazy people) are  roaming around. I am sending you some photos of Godawari. 

 The children are staying outside in the ground under the tents since 3 days. I am thankful to all the staff who have cooperated and handle the children safely. However,they are managing all the daily necessity for children but the scarcity of food and drinks arising now. All the shops of daily basis needs are closed. Which was open was giving the foods in 3 times more expensive. Pollution spreads and the chances of illness, infection. I have already  alert them and provide the children with the mask for the safety.  They all need your support to go ahead to struggle with this horrible situation. 

I hope the situation will go positive soon. But it is very hard time for Nepalese  people. The country went 10 years back  I  am  really sad to lost our people, children, to lost our heritage and our old historical properties like temples towers and buildings. It’s really heart touching. In some district 90% villages were destroyed,houses  fall down and no any measurements how much bodies were dead there !!! 

I pray for the people who have lost their life in this earthquake may their soul rest in peace. We also need the support to help the neighbors  children who are affected. They lost their house and some of them lost their parents. 

That is the news for now. I do hope that Our Italian families, Italian people can contribute to make the better life of Godawari’s children.

in this situation I can not bring Aanvi to Nepal so I have to wait few weeks here with Aanvi.

I will keep in touch

if you need, i can send NABG Account no. 

with best regards



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