Aiutiamo questa bambina a vedere e sentire questo mondo meraviglioso

Il nostro referente  Nepalese, Basanta,  da più di un anno combatte a Delhi per salvare la vita della figlia Aanvi, di un anno e 8 mesi, affetta da meningite, che ormai ha perso la vista, l’udito, è paralizzata e in uno stato di coma; ma lotta ancora per la vita

Please help a toddler see, hear & feel this… | Fundly.

From Pooja Pyakuryal

I’m raising fund for a toddler whose name is Aanvi Rijal. She had gone blind, deaf, paralised and now she is as in stage of coma. Only a sense of feeling is there. She is still struggling for life with lots of pain.

More Info

This is a real and a very painful story of our sweet heart and brave little girl, Aanvi Rijal ( daughter of Basanta Rijal & Alija Dhungel ). She was born in 9 July 2013 in a middle class family from Kathmandu Nepal. She was very normal by birth and up to 8 months of her life period. She was very cute, smiling, healthy and lovely baby. I clearly remember it was Saturday 8 March 2014, suddenly she got a fever. Just a fever changed our life drastically. She had a high fever. We were in the regular check up with her doctor. No cause was found for fever. She was given a simple antibiotic for infection. After two days, her fever raises up to 104 to 106 f.

With anxiety and fear we rushed to the hospital at mid night, the top pediatric  hospital, Ishan children and women hospital, Basundhara, Kathmandu, Nepal. She got admitted there. After the continuous use of antibiotics and other medicines, there was no any sign of improvement. Fever was between 104 -1 05 F, no doctors could diagnosed the cause for the fever and after two days she developed seizure. In front of my eyes on my lap my baby was dying I cried, I screamed I beg for the doctors for her life. We had lost our hope at that time. Seizure came again and again and my baby went down more. Cerebrospinal Fluid was taken for lab test from spinal cord. She was taken to the PICU and she was diagnosed as Bacterial Meningitis after test. She was given antibiotic for that but still there were no any symptoms of improvement. It was 11th day in the hospital she was going down day by day. She went in ventilator support. We felt the carelessness of doctors and the hospital. Doctors were confused as no medicine showed any effect on her. They couldnot find out what exactly had happened to her. , no CT scan or MRI has been done by the hospital. So we decided to take her to India, New Delhi.

We tried very hard for an air ambulance and got it after 4 days. It was already too late for the treatment. We reached Delhi at 20th March 2014.She was admitted to PICU at Sir Gangaram hospital. We came to know that her condition was very critical. We were shocked when we came to know that she already had a brain haemorrhage due to pressure in brain. They diagnosed TB manengitics not bacterial in New delhi hospital. Her treatment and diagnosis was totally wrong in Nepal. It was ridiculous how one hospital and doctor could be that much careless with someone’s life. She had an operation the next day in Delhi. Operation was successful but the doctors suggested us not to continue further, not to go ahead and to let her go!! Because her brain conditions was worst it was damaged fully. They told us to take her out from ventiletor and would be the right decision. But we couldn’t …… We couldn’t leave our sweet heart. How could we? It was not so easy for us to accept the doctors advice. How could we take such a rude decision? We are her parents. Her heart was still beating. We feel she still wanted to come back to us. We decided to continue until she survives. My baby is very brave very energetic and very strong. She is still with us but not as before. She had gone blind, deaf, paralised and now she is as in stage of coma. Only a sense of feeling is there. It had been almost 11months. She was in PICU for 9 months. She is still struggling for life with lots of pain. During this period in hospital there were 4 major operation in head 1st for the driange of water and clear blood, 2nd for the shunt(pipe)on both side and 4 other minor operations in her little body. She is now in a home ventilator(Bipap) support. Feed is giving by PEG (tube in stomach). Bipap is connected in her neck through trechostomy tube. During this period, we also had gone with lots of burden…….. physically ,mentally, and financially.

We believe in miracles and God is there with us he will surely send our Aanvi back to us. Doctors have gave up already, she can’t recovered anymore they said. But we don’t want to give up our hope, we still believe she surely will recover if she gets further treatment for brain development. But now it is becoming impossible for us to continue her treatment financially. Until now we have almost finished all our properties and savings for her treatment. Aanvi’s dad could not continue his work since last 11months. We both spend our day and nights in hospital.We are still in Delhi and it’s not sure upto when!!! There is no any time and cost limitations. We would like to continue her further treatment with advance technology in developed countries.But it is not possible for us without any support or sponsor. We would like to request if there is any one willing help us to save our baby’s life.

I don’t see any other option except writing this in social sites and medias and it is just for the sake of my baby’s life. If there is any charity organization or any one willing to help us could kindly contact us through our email address.

We look forward to get a lot of positive response and join our hand in saving little ones life. Thank you.

Aanvi’s Dad: Basanta Rijal

Aanvi’s Mom: Alija Dhungel ( Mona Rijal )

Email: My Facebook address is

For direct donations :

Account Name: Alija Dhungel

Account No: 00405010266314

Bank : Nepal Investment Bank, Kathmandu,Nepal

Branch: Pulchok, Lalitpur, Nepal

Swift Code: NIBLNPKT


Fundraising website :

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